Another day another chance to be a better me.

Not doing a very good job of it yet. Lol. Stress can kill you. It can also cause a world of issues. Sometimes the people in your life are the cause of your stress. If it is hurting you be it emotional or physical it is ok to make a change. I don’t mean leave the kids because they are being monsters. I do mean stress from jobs, family, friends, boyfriends or girlfriends.  Whatever the  circumstances are if it is eating at you then chhange it. Trust me. My house is chaos because I let someone back in to help her. I told her to be gone after Christmas. Kids old enough to play grown up need to grow up.

The point is, it’s your health. It’s your life. Make it better. Stop the bad habits and kick the trash to the curb. Then get yourself straight.  Make you, you again.

Now have a Merry Christmas. 


Ups and downs.

This is life. Sometimes it feels like swimming upstream. A very cold stream. It is winter.

As always, never give up. Push on. As you have read countless times on IG or Vero, those that are with you will have your back. Those that dont wont stay around. I am paraphrasing.  Ha ha.

This can mean family and friends. When you change, the life around you will fight back. Stand your ground.

My family doesn’t get my need for fitness.  Mostly they don’t care about it. It is an inconvenience to them. There will be very little compromise so dont guve up. Even when you are meal prepping. Do not give up. That is all. I am going to put away the soapbox for now. Have a good day and take care of YOU.

Sweating feels good

I do like having the treadmill back. I went and used intensity level 1. A 20 minite walk/run with some hills or inclines. I was able to watch Because Science too. One of my favorite Youtube channels. You should check it out. Anyways sweating feels good. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I doubt I will get to work out. If you do then lift a little for me. If not remember, portion control. Step away from the pie.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

A cold days workout

It’s a  balmy 34 degrees out in the storage shed of a garage. Lets lift. No seriously let’s lift. Ok you dont have too. I am and I did. Yep, I am supplementing my Planet Fitness time with the want to be garage gym. Tomorrow is the treadmill. You can workout to some degree almost anywhere. You will have to think outside the box or the gym. Just make it work. Push ups,  chin ups under a table. Variations of burpees. Just makenit work. If I can workout in the cold you. An workout too.

Now this is a page from my current three day a week total body workout. One day will be at the Planet. That will be the heavy lifting day.

Now go have a good night or a good day. Don’t forget to lift something.

Consistently inconsistent 

That about sums it up. Just like my training. Life has been doing everything it can to get in the way. Excuses? Just the way it is. I have cleaned up the garage enough to use the equipment there and I fixes the Norditrack. So I am not giving up. Nor should you. I am going to try a total body 3 day a week work out and then use the treadmill on the off days. We will see how that goes. For the moment I am getting tires put on my car. One of those excuses peoe talk about. Hahaha.

It a spooktacular leg day.

Here we are in the best month and almost to the best holiday ever. A holiday almost as scary as leg day. A day that turns your, dare I say it? Legs into jelly. Bwa ha ha ha.

Enough scary leg day jokes. As much as I like the gym and yes leg day. We are almost to Halloween. Ghost, disembodied voices, and things that go bump in the night.

Here is one of my little experiences.

I was staying at my mothers house while I was doing some construction work. Yes you read that right. I was in my early twenties.

She lived in Granger Indiana in a three bedroom 2 story house with an attached garage. The place felt a little off but her boyfriend and I were gone a lot due to work so I didn’t think anything of it. Up stairs was where my sisters would sleep. Most of the up stairs was a bedroom. There was also a little play room up there. Small enough for a kid. Even had a small door.

The youngest sister had an imaginary friend. Most kids do. A little girl. She never described her to me. She would play with the little girl in that tiny room.

This part sounds a bit strange but it was around the time that Ghostbusters came out. Yes we are going back that far. I was really into the paranormal. Ok, that hasn’t changed. Anyway I had bought a Ghostbusters poster. I brought it home and proceeded to put it up on my door. I used tape. Didn’t want to put holes in the door with tacks.

I was moving around the room doing other things when I heard the poster hit the floor. I decided to use tacks. I liked the movie a lot. I saw it several times.

The poster went up and I went back to whatever I was doing. Then I heard it again. The poster hit the floor. Not expecting that I turned around to see it rolled up again with the thumbtacks still in it.

That’s when I noticed something odd. From my door I could see the house plants moving. They were in a line on a windowsill. I watched them move back and forth. No wind, no air from a furnace, nothing I could think of to make the plants move. Let a lone like someone was brushing a hand against them.

It dawned on me pretty quick that it was the little girl. The imaginary friend of my little sister didn’t like the Ghostbusters movie. Sounds silly. How did she know she was a ghost or what the movie was about. The poster was the Ghostbusters sysmbol. I explained to the living room and the little girl that it was a movie and it ment nothing towards her. I probably talked to the living room for 5 minutes. After that the poster stayed up and I used tape.

Not a scary story. Sorry, but it is a true one.

Never give up

That should be enough right there. NEVER GIVE UP!

These past two weeks have proven difficult for most things. Working longer had gotten in the way of the gym. Twice in two weeks is not working for me. My body is feeling it and starting to show it. Time to take it up a notch. Its chest and back day so be ready. The rest between sets is short. I like to keep the heart rate up. Tomorrow is legs followed shoulders and arms. Take a day just for the core and then a full body hypertrophy day. So eat your eggs, drink your pre-work, and lets kick some ass. Lets forge these bodies into what we want. Not what the world will have us do.